Alva Willemark, born 1988, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work mainly focuses on physicality and often investigates intimacy, authority, trust and control in various types of public participation and unspoken agreements. With interest in interaction and affection, she explores the minds of the body and an ”in-between-humanity language”. Her working method is interdisciplinary but with a bodily focus performativity forms the basis for installations, performance, text and video. The past two years Willemark has mainly worked under the name  ‘Kroppsnära tjänster‘ – an ongoing investigation of affective body-related labors; touch, intimate studies of movement, personal meetings and the body as commodity. Through ’Kroppsnära tjänster’ she stretches a line between pleasant and unpleasant and makes visible an intimate politics of health revolving around concepts such as ”physical communication”, ”care”, and ”gaze”.

Willemark is part of the network and database of Nordic Artists – Grosses Treffen, and has exhibited mainly in group shows and festivals in Germany, Norway, and Sweden. She got her BA in Fine Arts from Umeå Art Academy in 2015 and in May 2017 she got her MFA from Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and Design.  



2015-2017 Master of fine art, Konstfack, Stockholm

2011-2015 Bachelor of fine art, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts

2012 Improvisation theater, Kulturfrämjandet Umeå

2010-2011 Foundation Art education, Gerlesborgs school of art, Stockholm

2009-2010 Foundation Art education, Stockholm school of art

2008-2009 History with cultural analysis, Malmö University

2007-2008 Art history and architectural history, Uppsala University

Selected exhibitions and performances


Konstfrämjandet 70 år, (group), Konstfrämjandet, Stockholm, SWE

PLX – Tjärö, (group) Tjärö, SWE

Konstfack Springshow, Stockholm, SWE 


Care, cure, curious. Vitahavet/studion – Konstfack, stockholm, SWE

Konstens vecka, Alva Willemark, Aino Näslund, Maria Bernholm, Hackås Maskin & Kultur, Jämtland, SWE

It felt so good up there, (group) Platform, Stockholm, SWE

Extraordinary life center, (group) PLX, Malmö, SWE


Undervattenssatelliter, with Camilla Ericson, Galleri S, Östersund, SWE

Attempted Psychokinetic Connections to Clouds, (group) Konstfack gallery, Stockholm, SWE

BLING, (group) Galleri Alta, Malmö, SWE

(RE)TREAT(MENT), Trailer gallery, Umeå, SWE

BLING, (group) Galleri konsthögskolan, Umeå, SWE

in-av-på-tryck, Galleri konsthögskolan, Umeå, SWE


Generationer, (group) Huså herrgård, SWE

Littfest, Screening at litteraturfestivalen, Umeå, SWE


Women’s day, Regeringsgatan, Stockholm, SWE

This place has no mirrors but only your thoughts in the water and they will spread all around with the waves.” (group) Galleri Rörelsen, Umeå, SWE

Medan ni badar, (group) Galleri Verkligheten, Umeå, SWE

Näcken och Skogsrået, (group) Hackås maskin & Kultur, Jämtland, SWE

Gender now?! (group) Kunstakademiet, Trondheim, NOR

Screening at Bildemuseet, (group) Umeå, SWE

One by one, (group) Kantine Aqua-Carré, Berlin, GER


Trädgård, (group) Hackås maskin & Kultur, Jämtland,  SWE

Gender now?! (group) Kunstakademiet, Trondheim, NOR

Galleri kocks, (group) Stockholm, SWE


2015 Photography, Kiite Aerial Photography, SWE

2013 Detta är ett meddelande till alla oss, Att Överleva, En handbok i överlevnadsstrategier, Att Segra, SWE

2012 Would one call one, Kultur mot rasism, Lagercrantz förlag, SWE


2017 Artist residence, Gränsen at EMS Stockholm, collaboration with Hanna Wildow, Erik Malmsten, Sarah El Miniawy, Nadah El Shazly, Mohamed A. Gawad, Adham Hafez.

2016 Part of Massa Förlag, along with Camilla Ericson and Caroline Taracci Nilsson

2016 Artist residence, PLX, Malmö, SWE
2013- 2014 Gallery Rörelsen, Umeå, SWE
2013 Reflecting Pool, Workshop with Niklas Goldbach (GER), SWE
2013 Assistant for the artist Goro Tronsmo during the project Muscle Temple – The Residency, at Gallery 0047, Oslo, NOR
2012-2013 Organizer of Umeå feministfestival, Umeå, SWE
2012 Kiite Aerial Photography, photography project and workshop with Micael Norberg, Mattias Ericsson and Nguyen Van Hoang, Johan Österholm, Andréas Baader Brännström and Camilla Lundqvist, Hué College of Arts, VIE


2017 Konstfacks stiftelser – Stavenowska Stipendiet  

2012 Herbert och Ellen Carlssons konstfond

Collections and representation

Konstenheten Västra Götalandsregionen





Clarissa Siimes  / Hanna Wildow  / Nikita Rissanen / Dennis Delwér / Camilla Ericson 

Alexander Höglund / Johan Heltne / Erik Malmsten / Andreas Eklöf 


Konstfack / Umeå konsthögskola / Grosses Treffen / Unavailable / Massa Förlag