Kroppsnära tjänster; Room 205

an ongoing investigation of affective body-related labors.

Participatory performance and installation for PLX extraordinary life center, Malmö

As a gesture of purchasable services I performed three selectable acts inside of a temporary room, in which fabric constituted the walls. The room was lit from inside which created scenes of shadows from outside. And was a participatory, a meeting between me and the participants inside the room. The acts i performed was described in terms of the positioning of me and the participant, in rellation with the room and its contents.

” You sit on a chair – I will stand and sit around you, two hands on your body, moving, lifting.”

The performance went on for 4 nights during the exhibition opening hours.

Part of the exhibition was a hotel, during the time when the exhibition was not open to the public, I offered special room service to hotel guests in their rooms.

” Evening service: Undressing, help with sleep onset.”