The piece Treatments is an installation consisting of 6 different sounds and 5 photographs.

Sounds: Treatment Shaping body cream / Lip pump / Breast cream / Whitening skin cream / Whitening face cream 

Photos: Shaped body / Lip pump /Breast /White skin / White face

in-av-på-tryck / impression-s

performance at Galleri konsthögskolan (Umeå, SWE) 2015


I want to be blonde

Video installation consisting of two silent video works, projected opposite to each other.

video loop, Full HD, silent, 5,35


Face prints

makeup on different pillow cases after sleeping

Ass prints

with Erik Malmsten


Varat, och varan 

oil on canvas, 200×160

Hn skulle bära mig 

oil on wood 130×130




Nyförlöst / Postpartum

Trying to find a way back, to work.

The weight of what the body just lost. Embody the feeling of the weight, of the new. I walked around for hours, days, weeks in my studio. Carried around things, tried to find the right feeling of the weight.


Större, större störst – mindre, mindre, minst 


Älskade syster

Oil on canvas, 150×120


vila sig i saliv

the feeling of making art as a new parent



Tankar om kön


In collaboration with Maria Flodmark

Video, 05:45 min, Full HD, Stereo

We’re fighting in a costume. The language breaks us down.

Deforms our bodys, restricting the movements.

We want more. An inordinate that grasps and longs.

Chewing – vomit, chewing – swallowing.

How can I be her? How can I ever be without her?

We shout again; This is a message for all of us,
we can rapidly get help, or help, if needed.


mö nekats staken öm

performance at Umeå konsthögskola, SWE


At the end of my pregnancy I suffered from an extreme sexual frustration. To focus on something else I started to create and write palindromes. I shared my frustration through a performance where I filled a corridor with the palindrome ‘mö nekats staken öm’ (which roughly means ‘maid is denied the tender cock’). Afterwards, I remained in the hallway and offered private talks about sexual frustration.

To be honest 

In the performance To be honest I’m using sticky tape to change my body shape.

(video)performance, Full HD, stereo, 12,35 min


Performing the subject

In Performing the subject I’m moving, dancing, behind a temporary wall in a dark room. I’m lit from the side by a red light that creates my shadow on the wall. As viewer you can only see the shadow of me and hear the sound of my movement. The performance took place at the Art Academy in Umeå during open house, it was intended to last for 8 (working) hours, I managed 5 hours and 36 min.

Viewer descriptionAn urge to move my body freely, an energy in the body’s natural movement patterns. I am met by the rhythm and the red light. A bass line in my chest without sound. A shadow without body, which instead becomes my shadow; the shadow of my will? the shadow of my desire? Trying to see it as a body – the desire that lives in my fingers and my chest, rushes down into my stomach and settles as a void somewhere between the solar plexus and ventricle. The desire is to claim, it becomes a physical fight.

First time for me?

photo series

In First time for me? I used sticky tape to put myself in poses based on stories about first sexual experiences. The piece consists of 12 photos projected on the wall.



Oil on canvas, 200×150

Female Act second edition 

Oil on canvas, series of 6 paintings


Safety sounds 

Sound piece and performance, 2013, collaboration with Hanna Anbert, Tatiana Novikova and Camilla Lundquist

13 participating artists in the exhibition, ”This place has no mirrors but only your thoughts in the water and they will spread all around with the waves”, was asked to record their own safety sound.

During the performance each artists was carrying around their own sound, which was played from small speakers attached to the body. The performance lasted for 30 minutes, while the artists were moving around in the gallery among the visitors., wearing their own safety sound.

A mix of all 13 sounds was installed in the gallery during the rest of the exhibition as its own sound piece.




This place has no mirrors but only your thoughts in the water and they will spread all around with the waves” was a result of a longer collaboration between Mudarris Center of Art & Culture in occupied Golan Heights and Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. During two weeks 8 (5) artists from the Golan and eight students from the Umeå academy was working together. Three of the artists was denied visas and were contributing from their place of residence.  > project webbpage



charcoal on wood

'visitor at a party 03'


Pulling myself together 


Photo series consisting of 8 pieces


in collaborations with Johan Österholm

double exposed polaroids


Cat bah

Infinite slow shutter speed

Varför är vi inte i paradiset mormor?

performance/installation, open house, Umeå konsthögskola


I paint a Dalecarlian paintings (Kurbits), an old classical painting style of Dalarna in Sweden with proverb texts. It is a performance dedicated to an older generation of women with unenforceable dreams of something other than their housewife roles. My grandmother was one of them, she had a dream of becoming an artist.The text on my window painting says ‘Why are we not in paradise grandmother?’ with her hand-writing.


PIZZA TREE  – The forbidden fruit

installation, Frozen pizzaz in an apple tree garden in Uppsala


paper pulp, glue and water, chalk, concrete, body

Remember us 

plaster, mosaics, steel


Observed 1,2,3

oil on wood



Pieta – en måste bära kroppen vidare på egen hand.  



 New shaved!


Part I – Welcome for afternoon pussy. / Nyrakat! Välkommen på eftermiddags fitta; I serve cake and cunt pastries while talking about my relation to my biological sex.

Part II – At least it would be easier to pee in public. / Det skulle i allafall varit enklare att kissa bland folk; I’m talking about the pros and cons for me if I instead had been born with a penis, simultaneously I have begun to reshape parts of the cake to a penis in marzipan.



Female act, first edition

oil on canvas, series of 9 paintings

From selected famous paintings in art history, I pose in front of the artist; myself.



Ink on paper


ink on rice paper