video and photography


The piece Treatments is an installation consisting of 6 different sounds and 5 photographs.

Sounds: Treatment Shaping body cream / Lip pump / Breast cream / Whitening skin cream / Whitening face cream 

Photos: Shaped body / Lip pump /Breast /White skin / White face

I want to be blonde

Video installation consisting of two silent video works, projected opposite to each other.

Tankar om kön


In collaboration with Maria Flodmark

Video, 05:45 min, Full HD, Stereo

We’re fighting in a costume. The language breaks us down.

Deforms our bodys, restricting the movements.

We want more. An inordinate that grasps and longs.

Chewing – vomit, chewing – swallowing.

How can I be her? How can I ever be without her?

We shout again; This is a message for all of us,
we can rapidly get help, or help, if needed.


To be honest 

In the performance To be honest I’m using sticky tape to change my body shape.

(video)performance, Full HD, stereo, 12,35 min

First time for me?

photo series

In First time for me? I used sticky tape to put myself in poses based on stories about first sexual experiences. The piece consists of 12 photos projected on the wall.


Pulling myself together 


Photo series consisting of 8 pieces


in collaborations with Johan Österholm

double exposed polaroids

Cat bah

Infinite slow shutter speed

Pieta – en måste bära kroppen vidare på egen hand.