Opening at index September 15th

Opening at Index January 14th.

Alva Willemark & Sybrig Dokter: CAPABLE OF RETURNING HOME

14–30 January 2022

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Opening at SKF konstnärhuset Eldhunden October 9th.

Thank you to everyone that participated in ‘and–akter. rehearsels of escapes’ at Weld last weekend.

TICKET RELEASE Sep 2nd at 1pm at

‘and—akter. rehearsals of escape’ will finally meet an audience in a shared, physical room at Weld Sep 23-25!

You are invited. Into a breathing, humming pine forest called Gränseskogen. A reservoir of unspoilt trees in the deepness of a rural Swedish mountain chain. Voices offer you proposals for how to orient your lungs. An ambient landscape lulling you through eight acts of bodyings, feelings, breathings, languagings, voicings, borderings, rootings and deathinings.


The performance is participatory and the audience interacts with the set design, sound, light and artists of the work. Covid regulated and approximately 80 minutes long. Venue is reached by stairs only, lacks ramp and accessible bathroom. With support by The Swedish Arts Grants Committeé, Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation and KULTURENS. Special thanks to Weld, Anna Koch and Fredrik Wåhlstedt. Photos by Märta Thisner.

and–akter : Rah Residency (Teheran) 

Fil 093

and–akter gästar Krupa gallery i Polen för ett online exhibition

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and–akter  bokade på Weld i Stockholm i september! så fint.

Hanna Wildow, Alva Willemark och Tony (tiny) Karlsson Savci under titeln and–akter  bokade på Eldhunden konstnärshuset Stockholm i oktober. Missa inte!


I uppstart av nytt projekt ”Flickor leker två och två” initierat av Marta Forsberg och Anna Jakobsson.


Open window 9-10 maj

Alva Willemark och Erik Malmsten [ walking on gravel along a riverbed ]

Med inspiration från balkong – och fönsterkonstprojekt från exempelvis Berlin (Die Balkone) och Bergen (Window Exhibition) anordnar konstgruppen HJORTEN utställningen Open Window där 72 konstnärer i Stockholmsområdet installerar konstverk i sina fönster och på sina balkonger helgen 9-10 maj.

Ingen vernissage. Inga stora folksamlingar. Ladda bara ner kartan, ta en långpromenad, titta på konsten och tänk på att hålla avstånd.

il Giardino, Galleri nos 4 maj – 10 maj


Jenny Norberg Alva Rahna Willemark Malena Norlin Hannah Clarksson Marika Madeleine Markström  Sara Elggren  Stina Rolf Lisa Grip Neil Bhat Linnéa Hansander  Oscar Andersson Sandra Leandersson Florence Wild Isa Andersson Karl Patrik Näsman Klara Ström Richard Krantz Nikki Fager Myrholm Tove Dreiman Lizzie Scarlett Towndrow

En utställning kurerad av Giulia Cairone

From group exhibition at HMK

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to read the full review visit the magazine Volym‘s website

Group exhibition at HMK 20190928

Unique environment with amazing artists curated by me


I’m doing a reading 4/9 at Södra teatern

Crumb at Crum heaven

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Cairo off Biennale – Something else

Ahram; Cairos largest national newspaper is writing about Weight duvet

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Read full article about the opening here : Ahram


Weight duvet at Cairo Off biennale – Something else


Care as choreography at Cairo Off biennale – Something else



Cairo Off Biennale – Something else

opening 1 Nov 2018

Off Biennale Cairo, is an international art event that consists of art exhibitions, art performances, films, Music, diverse workshops, street art, talks and lectures by local as well as international artists and art connoisseurs that take place in diverse art and cultural spaces in Cairo. The event aims to shake the grounds and attract international attention to Egypt as a vibrant art producer within the regional and international art scene. The first edition took place in November 2015 and included exhibitions by 8 international curators and showcased works by 120 local and international artists.

The second edition of Something Else is led by head curator Simon Njami

Trailer Gallery – Final Call Finally

GROUP EXHIBITION at GALLERI NOS 10-13 maj, Kaggeholmsvägen 39 Stockholm

Evelina Sjöström, Erika Stöckel, Filippa Nilsson Kallhed, Kristoffer Palmgren, Leonela Lilja, Jakob Westberg, Ludvig Helin, Henrik Jonsson, Ida-Johanna Lundqvist, Alice Söderlund, Aski Dahl, Tom-hadar Elde, Alva Willemark, Olivia Pettersson Fleur, Lisa Vipola.


Cimatheque – Alternative Film Centre, 19a Adly Street, Downtown, Cairo,

Saturday, March 3 at 1 PM – 3 PM

Join us for the concluding event of a collaboration between Hanna Wildow, Nadah El Shazly, Mohamed A. Gawad, Alva Willemark and Erik Malmsten.

GRÄNSEN (in progress, part 2)

In February we will go to Cairo to continue our collective work on translation. (more information to come.)

GRÄNSEN (in progress)

Saturday 4 November, 3pm-6pm, Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm (EMS), Söder Mälarstrand 61

We – Hanna Wildow, Alva Willemark, Sarah El Miniawy, Nadah El Shazly, Mohamed A. Gawad, Adham Hafez and Erik Malmsten – would like to invite you to share an afternoon, some fika, and a work-in-progress presentation of a collective work on translation.


KONSTFRÄMJANDET 70 ÅR – jubileumsfest!

Weight duvet will be performed in Stockholm 2 September, Swedenborgsgatan 1

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For more information; Facebook   webpage

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Read full article here 

PLX TJÄRÖ 25-26 August

Weight duvet will be performed in the amazing nature of Blekinge skärgård (archipelago) buy tickets for this great festival at

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Åke Stavenows - motivering.jpg

OPENING 11 th May  : Konstfack SPRING SHOW


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Ongoing Kroppsnära tjänster piece :


Care, cure, curious.

– a performance piece from the project ’Kroppsnära tjänster’

Friday 18th Nov 18.00
Sunday 20th Nov 15.00
and Thursday 24th Nov 15.00
(30 min)


LM Ericssons väg 14, Hägersten
T-bana: Telefonplan

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The publication of Extraordinary Life Center will be released in the near future, made by Bella Ridlhammer.



Färgkontoret, Lövholmsgränd 12, 11743 Stockholm

April 28th – 30th 2016

A Erika Bergström
Dinnis Van Dijken
Sophie Erlandsson
Callum Harper
Alexander Höglund
Richard Krantz
Asgrimur Kuldaboli Thorhallsson
Erik Malmsten
Joran Stamatakakos
Johanna Stillman
Tessa Van Thielen
Florence Wild
Alva Willemark


Performances during the evening from Sophie Erlandsson, Callum Harper, Alexander Höglund, Johanna Stillman, Joran Stamatakakos, Alva Willemark.

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Extraordinary Life Center 19th-28th February 2016

Exhibition: 24-28 February 2016 (Wednesday-Sunday)
Location: Solgatan 11-13, Malmö, Sweden
Opening: Wednesday 24th February 2016, 17.00-22.00

event page  and

plx extraordinary life center poster_jay yoon

Video installation at Galleri S (Östersund, SWE)

as part of the exhibition Undervattenssatelliter with Camilla Ericson 21 nov – 9 dec 2015. opening 21 nov at 12.00


in collaboration with Maria Flodmark



Konstfack student’s Charity Auction for Refugees 8 oct 2015


Attempted Psychokinetic Connections to Clouds.

Vernissage 1/10 2015. 17:00 Konstfack gallery

BLING, GROUP EXHIBITIONS, Galleri ALTA, 28-31 May, 2015



To begin with: Alone with her 2/5

Then: Maria Flodmark 9/5

In the middle: Clarissa Siimes 10/5

And to end with: Nikita Rissanen 16/5

 DEGREE EXHIBITION, Umeå Art Academy, 2 – 17 MAY. 2015 (Östrastrandgatan 32 Umeå)




PERFORMANCE, Galleriet 18 feb. 2015 (Östrastrandgatan 32 umeå)


Pilgatans Christmas market 13 dec. 2014 (Pilgatan, Umeå)

Kroppsnära tjänster; Miss Pouty

welcome, I am selling a service; Lip pumping 

Open house at Umeå academy of fine arts 13-16 NOV. 2014

Kroppsnära tjänster; introduction piece