Kroppsnära tjänster; Weight duvet

an ongoing investigation of affective body-related labors.



Participatory performance


Weight duvet, the object is used in health care settings, to confirm the body; where it begins and where it ends. An object in which weight acts as calming.
In this participatory performance visitors are prompted to lie down on a bed to get my body weight over them, as I lie upon them, and may decide themselves the time duration.

I. An object, which in its existence replaces the embracing body. I offer my breathing and my weight to enclose the time. I offer the viewer to pause and pay attention to where they begin and end, where their boundaries lie, what gestures that can be replaced with what.


Off Biennale Cairo – Something else




Konstfrämjandets 70års jubileum


PLX Tjärö



Konstfack Springshow, Stockholm

Gallery Platform, Stockholm

First time performed on the opening for the group exhibition ‘It felt so good up there’. Cards was handed out by me as part of the performance, saying ‘lie down as I lie upon you’. The bed and the cards stayed the remaining time of that exhibition.