Ljud låter

in collaboration with Erik Malmsten and Ida Bergman, 
produced within gränsen - a project initiated by Hanna Wildow, to collaboratively explore the act of translation. 
gränsen was co-produced by Sarah El Miniawy through the support of The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. 

(Sound sounds) Ljud låter

Studies of the perception of sound, an interaction or an exchange of meaning. Moving back and forth, environments are replaced or change shape. A sound-image in dialogue, may accumulate as a private bodily dictionary, to be perceived by the senses involved. Description of wind blowing is voiced and suddenly comprehended as a waterfall, shifting into symbols that we call writing or notes. The shape of sound can infinitely change.


Ljud Låter 1.2. Video installation, (still image) Full HD, silent.
DSCF7348 (1)
Ljud låter; Choir piece. 4 channel sound installation. 
In collaboration with Ida Bergman.
Ljud Låter 1.1. Video installation, (still image), Stereo sound.